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Is Microfinancing an Effective Strategy in Africa?

Many people in Africa, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, battle poverty on a daily basis. Even in wealthier African countries, the extreme dichotomy between the economical class structures is incredibly apparent that it has created a sad and appalling portrayal of the overall poverty figures for the entire continent. With many initiatives in tacked to alleviate the poverty problem in Africa,… Read more →

Microfinance, the Movement Against Poverty

Microfinance is a concept of providing financial services for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and various individuals who lack the necessary resources and accesses to banks and other related services. Usually, the model aids several entrepreneurs who are trying to start their businesses. In some regions, especially in South Africa, microfinance has become a social movement whose objective and goal is to… Read more →

How to Create a Strong, Efficient, and Effective Work Culture

Whether you are head of a profitable Fortune 500 company or a non-profit organization, your company‚Äôs work culture will be one of the biggest definers between failure and success. In the work place, you want to create a culture that recognizes, embraces, shares, and values the standards and vision of your overall goal. Cultivating this type of strong culture within… Read more →