How to Create a Culturally Social Responsive Program


In today’s modern age, the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has begun to make its impact on numerous companies within the private sector. Corporate social responsibility, by definition is a business or organization’s initiative to take responsibility for the environmental and social wellbeing of the communities around them. This term generally applies to efforts that go above and beyond what may be required by regulators or environmental protection groups.


While it may not be the overall solution to the world’s problems, CSR is the first step for companies to help aid and benefit our society in a multitude of ways. This first step begins by recognizing and accepting the responsibilities each person has to be a good corporate citizen. While some companies have not yet understood the importance of running effective CSR programs, others are successfully engaging with the everyday problems of our world such as education, poverty, and hunger. For these companies, they look not just as a branding image for their organization, but also as an opportunity for their works to give back to every community where the company does business.


Here are a few guidelines from TCC’s director of customer and employee relations, Ryan McCarty, on how to create and run an effective CSR program:


  1. Build a foundation based on doing good and core values, beliefs, and goals

When building your CSR program, it is vital that you create an overall foundation where doing good blends in with the rest of the company’s core values and goals. The biggest mistake you can do is forcing this type of philanthropic mindset on an employee. That will eventually make the overall efforts for your campaign to become nothing more than just an afterthought outside of work. Instead, create the value of CRS within the forefront of your company’s culture. Fuel it within its goals, its beliefs, and most importantly its vision. By having this direct reflection of the company’s intention, employees will be able to relate and execute in the task at hand.


  1. Engage your employees to learn and volunteer

For an operational and effective standpoint, a strong CSR program is not a cause that is picked randomly from the higher ups. Instead, it is a cause that has been taken into consideration through both the administration and the employees. To find the most effective CSR program for your company, listen to your company’s employees and their interest. Some may be passionate about education. Others may be passionate about the arts. Whatever the cause is, try and gauge the overall interest of your employees. These supporting initiatives will allow your CSR program to gain traction through already passionate volunteers. Remember, you are looking for those to take action. The best way to do that is by simply catching their interest.


  1. Gather feedback

The only way a CSR program can improve on a consistent and regular basis is by gaining direct and quality feedback. Like in any job, it is important to hear the thoughts and ideas of how we can improve a startup program, especially a CSR program, so that is can run smoothly and affectively The more useful feedback, the better understanding the company can get in terms of what’s working for the CSR program and what can be improved on in the future. Bare in mind, the program itself can only improve year after year. Your job is to find those flaws and tweak them so that your employees and the communities they are serving are getting the best amount of impact.