What Libraries Do For Our Communities


In today’s new digital age, many people have questioned the viability and usefulness of libraries in our community. As much as we can agree that the world is running on technology, libraries will be and will always be the cornerstone for our youth’s educational foundation. No matter what country you go to, libraries are the center for learning. They are the hubs for human interaction and the safety net for education. In essence, libraries educate people. They provide them the tools and opportunity to inform themselves and explore new worlds. Without libraries, we are not just risking our children’s education, but our community’s future.

So what do libraries bring for our communities? In reality, it is so much more than just options for literature, music, and entertainment. Rather, libraries give us a place in which we can explore, interact, and imagine new worlds. This simple yet unbelievable place welcomes you to engage in opportunities that can be found rare depending on where you go. Here, their staff provides our youth with the knowledge to become movers and game changers in their communities. But before they are able to make that change, our children need to see a future in which they are given the knowledge and foundation to make that influence. They need to understand the fundamentals to read well, write analytically, and speak knowledgeably. With the help of libraries, and its dedicated staff, they are able to impact hundreds of children in being academically successful, critically conscious, and forces of change within their communities. How though? Well it all starts with opening a book.

Now the reality of it is that not all communities are fortunate to have libraries for their children. In places that are under-resourced and under-represented, having a library can really impact the positivity of a society in a myriad of ways. First and foremost, libraries help provide these neighborhoods with resources. Whether they are books, computers, pencils, and paper, libraries give our children opportunities to be academically successful. Furthermore, libraries are the major players in creating livable, environmentally friendly places for our children to study. Think about it. Some of these kids do not have the opportunity to have a quiet place to read. Libraries give them this option. It gives the community the needs for our children to grow. Lastly, and probably the most importantly, libraries gives us the ability to ignite our minds in the best possible way. Whether we are reading fictional text to expand our imagination or informative literature to comprehend the world around us, the books and literature found in libraries are a necessary resource in our growth. Nowhere in the world can a person get these types of resources for free.  For a single place to do that is speaks loudly of what it encompasses.

So next time when you walk by a library, think about the opportunity it holds for a person. Understand its impact goes beyond its doors and into our children’s future.